EKWB Announces Radeon R9 280X Water Block Compatibility

EKWB has announced the compatibility of its water blocks on the new AMD Radeon R9-280X graphics cards.

EKWB explains that due to the similarities between the older Radeon HD 7970 and the new Radeon R9-280X, and since there was no official reference design for the PCB, most of the AIB partners have decided to either re-use the older reference design (AMD 109-C38637) or proprietary designs, including Asus' DirectCUII boards. EKWB has also renamed the EK-FC7970 Matrix to the EK-FX R9-280X Matrix, just to prevent confusion.

Because of this, EKWB has announced that its older EK-FC7970 CSQ series of water blocks, or other EKWB EK-FC7970 series of water blocks, will work on the according graphics cards. EKWB has also announced that it has added compatibility in the compatibility database to make finding a water block for your new Radeon R9-280X easier.

Lastly, EKWB also announced that it is working on a water block for the upcoming Radeon R9-290X, and that the official blocks will be available starting October 18, 2013.

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  • gsxrme
    Hah yes AMD refresh release. Well now im not worried about titan killer from 290x because the 280x can hardly keepup with the gtx770. 290x is a gtx780 market. I guess ill wait for Maxwell .... :(
  • ammaross
    The 280X is of similar performance to a stock 770. Unfortunately for AMD, the 770 has OC headroom that makes it the better option, albeit for $50 more...

    However, the 290X will obviously be /better/ than the 280X, thus will probably slide well ahead of the 770, but less than Titan, and be inline with a proper $/performance for the ~$650 range.
  • cats_Paw
    Good idea. Especially since few games can put pressure on even nVidia 500 sereis and AMD 6000 series nowdays (perhaps not maxed and fullhd but still).
    I think im better of waiting till the investment has a reason behind it.