Promise Debuts 4X Thunderbolt RAID Box

The company said that it will be offering several versions starting with at least four 250 GB hard drives in a shell that is slightly smaller than a Mac mini computer. The drives can be upgraded by the owners later on, if they wish to do so.

What makes the J4 box interesting is its Thunderbolt interface, which will enable data transfer rates of up to 700 MB/s in read processes if equipped with SSDs. The device also supports daisy-chaining via a second Thunderbolt port. While the initial version of the J4 is exclusively targeting Mac devices, Promise said that it has plans for a Windows version as well.

According to the manufacturer, the device is scheduled to become available in June of this year. There was no information how much the J4 will cost.

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  • halcyon
  • neoverdugo
    So, whats the price tag?
  • freggo
    Interesting. Hope they will offer a PC version without drives.
    No point in wasting money on four 250GB drives just to replace them with something 'better' :-)