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Display Quality: Black And White Uniformity

Motorola's Xoom Family Edition Review: Not Just For The Kids
Motorola Xoom Family Edition
White Luminance cd/m^2
Black Luminance cd/m^2

White uniformity is somewhat even, but the center of the screen is noticeably brighter. You won't see the difference unless you stand a few feet back.

Black uniformity requires a bit more commentary. The middle of the screen on the left and right sides are particularly dark. We first noticed this issue when we were watching videos.

When we move into a completely dark room, the problem becomes quite obvious. The edges of the screen are subject to extreme light bleed, which throws off uniformity. This explains how we ended up with such a high contrast ratio, since we use the measurements from the center of the screen.

We've seen this issue on other tablets, but it was never so dramatic that it affected the contrast ratio to such a degree. 

There are some other compromises to bear in mind. The iPad 2's viewing angles are fairly constant. But that's not the case on the Xoom Family Edition. Horizontal viewing angles (in landscape mode) are as good as looking at the screen straight-on. However, if you move a few degrees vertically, the contrast ratio falls fast. In the screenshot below, you see the Family Edition's display almost appear white.

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