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Building With The VS-9

Part 1: Four Gaming Enclosures Under $50

The AeroCool VS-9 includes a simple instruction sheet, screw pack with standoffs and (unnecessary) insulator washers, a PC speaker, four drive/fan adapters, and a 5.25” to 3.5” external bay adapter plate.

Because the four drive adapters are identical to the one AeroCool installs across the VS-9's face, users can add up to five 3.5” drives, or four 3.5” drives and an intake fan, or three 3.5” drives and two intake fans. Users who want extra drive cooling can even install 120 mm fans under their hard drives.

We had no problem getting all of our large hardware to fit within the VS-9, and the case can even hold super-long graphics cards that extend through the drive cage. Unfortunately, we did have a few problems installing the drives, since one of the clips fell apart several times before we got it lined up and locked down. We also had so much trouble getting the clips to work with the 3.5” drive adapter that we gave up and used screws, only to strip the holes while using very little turning force.

The finished system looks great, even without the lighted fans that AeroCool's competitors use. In fact, using a non-lighted fan gave AeroCool a good reason to focus on performance by putting the single fan behind the CPU cooler.

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