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Overall Performance And Efficiency

System Builder Marathon Q4 2013: System Value Compared

The $1600 PC enjoys a 34% lead over the $800 machine in gaming performance, which is particularly significant since this quarter's System Builder Marathon targets gaming.

My $2400 PC enjoys a similar lead, but productivity is where its pricey Ivy Bridge-E-based CPU makes the most difference. Also, average performance doesn't include the results at 5760x1080, since Paul didn't test his $800 machine at that resolution.

The $1600 PC overclocks far better than the $800 system. Once again, we see even larger overclocking gains from my $2400 submission, even if its price continuously overwhelms a strict comparison of performance value.

Power use also overwhelms performance on the $1600 and $2400 machines, but by less than expected given that shocking power consumption chart on the previous page. Low-voltage overclocking helps the $800 PC gain over its stock configuration.

The above chart is zeroed out by subtracting 100% from the baseline, so that it doesn't show any PC being more than 100% efficient. Remember that these efficiency ratings are relative to the stock $800 PC baseline, and that the actual efficiency of a machine doing no physical work is zero.

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