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Test Configuration

$500 Gaming PC: Day 2, Testing & Analysis

Here’s a quick recap of the performance settings of our $500 Gaming PC’s stock hardware, before overclocking:

Remember that for overclocked benchmarks, we increased this system’s CPU clock speed to 3.20 GHz at 8x 400 MHz FSB clock, using our DDR2-800 at CAS 5-4-4-10.

Notice that we used Windows Vista in keep our $500 Gaming PC on a “level playing field” with other systems we’ve tested, yet we did not include an operating system in the price. Builders on super-tight budgets are welcome to re-use an old Windows XP or Windows 2000 license, if they have one.

Base and overclocked details for our Sub-$1000 comparison system can be found in March System Builder Marathon Day 4.

Benchmark Settings

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