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Best AGP Card For ~$170: Tie

The Best Gaming Graphics Cards for the Money: April 2007
Radeon X1650 XT
Codename: RV560
Process: 80 nm
Pixel Shaders: 24
Vertex Shaders: 6
Texture Units: 8
ROPs: 8
Memory Bus: 128-bit
Core Speed (MHz): 575
Memory Speed (MHz): 675 (1350 effective)

The X1650 XT has recently come down in price, and is a good competitor to the 7600 GT. Overall performance is a bit faster than that of the 7600 GT, but they trade blows depending on the game. The bottom line is that for $175 in AGP you can get a really good gamer's card. Note that we have seen this card for as low as $140 after rebates online - at that price, it's a steal!

GeForce 7600 GT
Codename: G73
Process: 90 nm
Pixel Shaders: 12
Vertex Shaders: 5
Texture Units: 12
ROPs: 8
Memory Bus: 128-bit
Core Speed (MHz): 560
Memory Speed (MHz): 700 (1400 effective)

The 7600 GT is an amazing card in this price range, sporting new SM 3.0 technology and very high clock speeds to deliver excellent performance. Its weakest feature is its 128-bit memory bus, but its high memory speeds offset that disadvantage and make it competitive with 256-bit cards like the X800 XT/X850 XT, and even the 7800 GS.

The worst thing we can say about the 7600 GT AGP is that the X1950 PRO shouldn't cost much more, but will outperform its predecessor easily.

Best AGP Card For ~$210

Radeon X1950 PRO
Codename: RV570
Process: 90 nm
Pixel Shaders: 36
Vertex Shaders: 8
Texture Units: 12
ROPs: 12
Memory Bus: 256-bit
Core Speed (MHz): 575
Memory Speed (MHz): 690 (1380 effective)

The X1950 PRO is similar to the X1900 GT, the main difference being that it is not based on the X1900 XT, but rather a new and less power-hungry core. The card's main competition is the 7900 GS, which it beats in almost every benchmark.

The X1950 PRO is a powerful card that will make AGP gaming viable for at least another year or two, and these cards are becoming easier to find online. This is a great "last stand" for the AGP'er.

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