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Blue Screens Kick In

Gigabyte Crowns An Overclocking Champion For 2010

15:41:20 - By dropping .100 seconds from his PiFast time, stephenyeong pushed speedtime.wing down to third. With less than an hour left, the finalists scrambled to maximize their scores. By this time, stephenyeong started concentrating on producing a MaxxMEM benchmark, the only score lacking from his score line.

16:05:03 - A small crowd started gathering around stephenyeong, wondering whether he’d be able to generate a MaxxMEM benchmark. With a good score, the Hong Kong native would’ve built a big lead over Matose. However, the Romanian wasn’t sitting pretty, concentrating on upping his PiFast value.

16:19:31 - With a little less than 16 minutes left in the competition, Matose sealed the deal. By resolving his PiFast benchmark within 13.830 seconds, he managed to solidify his lead over stephenyeong. speedtime.wing ended up tying with Rekky (Jengkol) from Indonesia. However, by virtue of the former’s faster PiFast time, the rankings remain unchanged.

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