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Noise Comparison Videos: 500 FPS

Radeon HD 7990 And GeForce GTX 690: Bring Out The Big Guns

Coil Squealing at 500 FPS

We commonly get complaints from readers about coil whine from graphics cards in older games or game menus, where very high frame rates are common. We're not strangers to this phenomenon, so we tested each graphics card at 500 FPS using an Unigine Sanctuary loop.

EVGA GTX 690 - 500fps

PowerColor 7990 Devil 13 - 500 fps

HIS 7970 X2 - 500 fps

Every single card, including EVGA's GeForce GTX 690, demonstrates at least some squealing at these frame rates. It's barely noticeable from the dual-GK104 board, and the HIS 7970 X2 isn't too disturbing. But again, PowerColor's Devil13 HD7990 is barely tolerable.

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