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X48 Motherboard Comparison

Less than 2% performance difference separates the winners from the losers in Adobe Photoshop CS3 photo-editing performance; the DDR2-equiped GA-X48-DQ6 is caught in a three-way tie for first place.

Most users dread being seated at their computers during a scheduled virus scan, but all systems made quick work of scanning our 3.82 GB test file. The same three systems that tied for first in Photoshop were also evenly matched here, but the losing motherboards weren't far behind either.

Unsatisfied with simply manipulating a still image in Photoshop, we went on to render a drop of water falling onto a rose petal in Cinema 4D Release 10. The entire 50-frame animation took less than four minutes on every motherboard. While Gigabyte's DDR2 and DDR3 motherboards were tied for first place, the difference in rendering time wasn't really noticeable.

Anyone who works with photos and animation knows how important it is to use good compression techniques to transfer the results over Al Gore's favorite invention. WinRAR compressed an entire CD-sized volume in around two and a half minutes, with the broadest range of results we've seen yet: the MSI X48 Platinum beat the X38 reference motherboard by a noticeable 10%.

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