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31 USB 3.0 Thumb Drives, Tested And Reviewed

Results: 512 KB Random Read And Write Performance

The TransMemory-EX posts the fastest 512 KB random reads in the round-up, hitting 256 MB/s. Five other USB 3.0 thumb drives break the 200 MB/s barrier, including the drive that wins our round-up overall, SanDisk's Extreme. The Kingston DataTraveler R3.0, with its not-so-inspiring 67.5 MB/s, reminds us that not all USB 3.0-connected thumb drives are fast.

The Extreme repeats its stellar 4 KB random read performance in our 512 KB random write metric. Calling the other drives "competition" gives them far too much credit, as SanDisk posts a 45.2 MB/s result, which is three times faster than the runner-up (Adata's S102 Pro 64 GB) and more than five times faster than Adata's third-place N0005.