Intel/Psion Strike Deal Over "Netbook"

Intel and Psion Teklogix have resolved the "netbook" naming issue, with the latter company dropping its lawsuit according to various reports. Previously, Psion contended the use of the term "Netbook," as it registered the name with the trademark office when it originally released its "Netbook Pro" handheld computer back in the 1990s. Although the company ceased the manufacturing of its Netbook Pro device in 2003, Psion claims that the Netbook Pro still brings in revenue, $13,650 in fact this past March.

However, in 2008, Intel began using the "netbook" term, labeling its Atom-charged, low-powered sub-notebooks with a label originally thought to be defunct. The name caught on in the industry, ruffling a few Psion feathers in the process. The company thus went after corporations who used the "netbook" term including Google, Intel, and Dell, sending out cease-and-desist orders. Intel, on the other hand, disagreed with Psion's stake in the "netbook" terminology, claiming that the Psion trademark was in fact invalid, and that the Netbook Pro isn't bringing revenue as Psion claims. Both Dell and Intel filed suit against Psion to have the trademark revoked; Psion filed a countersuit against Intel for "unauthorized" use of the "netbook" term while promoting its Atom processors and chipsets.

As of today, a spokesman for Intel told Register Hardware that the two companies have "worked out their differences" in an out-of-court agreement, but didn't elaborate on any details. The only official word stemming from the settlement (so far) came from Psion itself, saying that it will "voluntarily withdraw all of its trademark registrations for [the term] 'netbook'." The company also said that it agreed to waive all rights against third parties "in respect of past, current or future use of the 'netbook' term."

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