Major Retailers Cut the Price of the Nintendo Wii

Last week, rumors did the rounds that Nintendo would be dropping the price of the Wii to $150 on May 15. However, it seems some retailers are eager to get a head start on sales and are selling off cheaper Wiis already.

Joystiq reports that, as of this past weekend, several major retailers are selling the Wii for $169. So far Target, Best Buy, GameStop, and Toys ‘R’ Us are all offering the $30 discount with various bundles.

Though many big name retailers are selling Wiis for less than the regular $200, it’s not an official price drop. However, Nintendo is expected to drop the MSRP to $150 in a few week’s time. Scheduled for May 15, the price cut would come into effect roughly three weeks before E3, where Nintendo is rumored to be launching an all new version of the Wii. Expected in 2012, the device is said to support HD and the controller will apparently sport an integrated HD display.

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  • Agustus69
    Hopefully the next gen Nintendo will spur on MS and Sony to speed up the release of their next units. I'm tired of playing crappy ports of games that are developed for 8 year old hardware technology.
  • the associate
    Same, we need new tech to get abused. If games aren't gona have amazing gameplay, they should at least make us druel with the visuals.
  • nukemaster
    About time Nintendo. The 64 dropped in price much faster(but it did not sell as many units as Wii, so I guess ride the high price while sales are good.).