ECS Shows Atom Mobo With PCI-e x16 Slot

We know all too well what we get when we pair an Intel Atom CPU with subpar integrated graphics – basically what we have on the majority of netbooks and nettops today – a modest system that’s able to perform light desktop duties but nothing multimedia-heavy.

Nvidia’s also shown us what’s possible when you add some GPU muscle, as we’ve seen with the Ion, which allows Atom-based systems to join into 3D gaming and 1080p video playback.

While we’re seeing Nvidia Ion-based motherboards at Computex, Elitegroup has on display something a little more interesting for those looking to add more than just a GeForce 9400M to their Atoms.

On Hexus are pictures of the ECS 945GCD-M, which as the name suggests, runs on the Intel G945CG + ICH7 with an integrated dual-core Atom N330. It’s all pretty plain until you spy the PCIe x16 slot ready for your GPU upgrading pleasure, giving it graphical possibilities beyond the Nvidia Ion.

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  • tixarn1
    Even if you did put a sick graphics card in, surely the Atom would be a huge bottleneck?
  • Anonymous
    Can this board take advantage of the GPU like the ION chipset does? Sure the graphics are better, but ION is great because things like HD video decoding are actually accelerated by the GPU. Will this board be able to do the same thing? Or will it rely on the CPU for things like HD video decoding?
  • dingumf
    tixarn1Even if you did put a sick graphics card in, surely the Atom would be a huge bottleneck?

    Exactly. This is just stupid.