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Benchmark Results: Supreme Commander Forged Alliance

Radeon HD 4830: High-Speed, Cheap CrossFire

Supreme Commander also has a reputation for brutalizing PC hardware, relying just as heavily on CPU power as it does on GPU power, while the Forged Alliance expansion only ups the ante. Luckily, real-time strategy games do not require many frames per second to remain playable. With that in mind, let’s have a look at the results of our benchmark:

We can see some definite CPU bottlenecking going on here. It does look like this title prefers the Radeon HD 4830 over the 8800 GT in multiple-card configurations. Since this is even happening at low resolutions, it’s likely that this game isn’t very well optimized to work with SLI.

Let’s add 4x AA and see if there are any major changes:

With AA enabled, the 4830s in CrossFire seem to be chugging along well while the 8800 GTs in SLI are slowed to the speed of a single card. Once again, it looks like this title is not well-optimized for SLI.

We can also see that 4xAA really isn’t an option for a single 4830 or 8800 GT in this game. However, the 4830s in CrossFire are definitely displaying a good value and do well even compared to the Radeon 4870 X2.

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