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Results: Fantom Drive Fast, Sans Digital Limping Behind

Comparing External RAID Housings

The Fantom Drives G-Force Megadisk MDE1000 left the best impression, but due to the disks already being installed, it is also the most expensive of the units. The construction is solid and the performance values are good, and power consumption is moderate both during operation and when idle. Anyone looking for a storage solution that is willing to accept the lack of flexibility when it comes to installed storage should be happy with this option.

The SansDigital Mobilestor MS2UTN+ didn’t quite live up to our expectations. The transfer rates couldn’t quite keep up with the other devices, and the problems we had using our Samsung HD321KJ disks and hot-plugging were disappointing. But the unit deserves recognition for good workmanship and solid construction, as well as the integrated power supply that means that the entire unit can be fully switched off and thus doesn’t use any power.

The Superbox / Jou Jye ST-2320S/UES was the surprise package. Our enthusiasm was still restrained when we initially unpacked the unit, but it was able to impress us with its excellent performance. The less-than-sturdy locking mechanism and the plastic front of the drive cage were the two sticking points. The DIP switch method used to select the operating mode was better than the rotating button used by the other products. If you don’t place too much value on workmanship, but still demand solid performance, you would be happy with this housing.

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