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Cooling Multiple Components, Continued

A Beginner's Guide For WaterCooling Your PC

In our case, we're definitely going to cool off our VGA card, which is a Radeon X1900 XTX. While the card isn't the newest or most powerful, it's still no slouch and produces an incredible amount of heat. In the case of this card in particular, Koolance offers not only a GPU/memory cooling block, but a separate voltage regulator cooling block as well.

Graphics processor water block and mounting accessories

While air-cooling solutions can bring the GPU temperature within acceptable levels, we know of no air-cooling solution out there to accommodate the X1900's extremely hot voltage regulators, which can easily reach 100 degrees Celsius under load. We are very interested to see how the voltage regulator's cooling block will affect our X1900.

Video card voltage regulator water block and mounting accessories

And those are the basics, folks. As we've mentioned, there are certainly other components that can be liquid cooled. An example is the Koolance 1200 watt liquid-cooled power supply. The electrical components in this monstrous beast are actually submerged in a non-conductive coolant, which is pumped through its own dedicated external radiator. This is an extreme example of alternative liquid cooling, but it gets the job done extremely well.

Koolance's 1200 watt liquid-cooled PSU

Nevertheless, now that we've decided on our cooling blocks, we can start to consider our installation.

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