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Software: Driver Features

AMD FirePro V8700: High-End Workstation Graphics

The FirePro V8700 ships with the same Catalyst Control Center (CCC) that comes with the Radeon HD 4870. In fact, one notices hardly any obvious differences between these two products. At first glance, the only obvious difference is the additional menu item entitled "Workstation." A single click on any of these thumbnails will open a picture gallery with larger images.

One of the nicest driver features is automatic application recognition, which ATI calls AutoDetect. This software seeks to apply optimal settings for all of the workstation applications it finds on a particular machine. This turns out to be a valuable capability, especially to those users who work with numerous graphics-heavy applications. This is one particular area where Nvidia has some serious catching up to do.

(Ed.: It's worth noting that, while you see CrossFire connectors in the images on the previous page, AMD's FirePro cards currently don't offer any benefits to running in CrossFire mode. Nvidia, on the other hand, offers SLI support for its Quadro FX boards, enabling accelerated rendering, multi-display mode, or higher capacities for FSAA. This is one area where AMD has some serious catching up to do.)

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