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Benchmark Results: Audio/Video Encoding

System Builder Marathon: Performance & Value

It appears that iTunes and Lame can’t take advantage of the added cores from our previous $1,500 machine’s Core 2 Quad, and instead awards performance based almost entirely on clock speed.

DivX is supposed to be quad-core optimized, but we see very little advantage over the $1,250 enthusiast system’s highly-overclocked Core 2 Duo in our previous $1,500 system’s Core 2 Quad. The $625 gaming PC beats the former $1,500 system in Xvid, laying its $500 predecessor to waste.

Professional applications have long favored additional processing cores, so it’s easy to understand why the $1,500 quad-core system of October performed so well compared to every dual-core configuration. The $625 gamer takes an equally impressive lead over the $500 system it replaces.

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