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Test Results: Unreal Tournament 3 And World In Conflict

PCI Express & CrossFire: Scaling Explored

Unreal Tournament 3 doesn’t need the power of two high-end graphics cards to get exceptional frame rates at high-resolutions and low-details, but the CrossFire advantage is still good for bragging rights. Once again, the old 975X wins because of its overclocked memory controller.

Cranking up the details does little to slow down UT3.

World In Conflict shows only the slightest CrossFire performance advantage when very low details are used.

At 2560x1600 and very high details, World In Conflict finally shows the bandwidth advantage of the P45 Express’ 2.0 slots, as compared to the 975X’s PCIe 1.1 transfers. Once again, a single x16 slot beats an x16/x4 CrossFire configuration in the P965 and P35 Express chipsets.

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