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Game Benchmarks: Crysis

GeForce GT 220 And 210: DirectX 10.1 And 40nm Under $80

We benchmarked Crysis with what we consider the lowest acceptable settings to show off the Crytek engine. Most of the settings are on low, but the important shadows and shaders options are amped up to medium, allowing for better-looking visuals without the need for cutting-edge graphics hardware.

Even at these settings, the low-end Radeon HD 4550 and new GeForce 210 are left unplayable at 1280x1024. Sure, the Radeon HD 4550 is achieving almost twice the frame rates as the new GeForce 210, but performance just isn't ample. In order to play this game on these GPUs, you'd likely need to reduce detail even further and hop down to 1024x768.

Once we get to the Radeon HD 4650 and GeForce 9500 GT, we have playable 1280x1024 performance, and even 1680x1050 is passable at almost 30 frames per second (FPS) average. However, at 1920x1200, only the Radeon HD 4670 and GeForce 9600 GSO are able to muster over 30 FPS.

The new Gigabyte GeForce GT 220 is struggling to keep up with the Radeon HD 4670. And despite its respectable factory overclock, it performs closer to the GeForce 9500 GT GDDR3. However, the GeForce 9600 GSO claims the top spot, eking out a solid five frame lead over the Radeon HD 4670.

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