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Power Consumption: Idle And PCMark 7

Intel SSD 335 240 GB Review: Driving Down Prices With 20 nm NAND

Idle Power Consumption

Because SSDs are so fast, they sit idle most of the time. It's true! In almost our almost-30-minute virus scan, the SSD was only busy for 281 seconds. As a result, idle power consumption is the most important figure to consider in a desktop environment.

We've already seen Samsung's architecture fare particularly well in idle power measurements, despite its beefy triple-core ARM-based controller.

As far as the SSD 335 goes, besting the 240 GB Vertex 3 is a pretty big achievement, particularly when you look at how the SSD 330 and 520 did at the same capacity points.

PCMark 7 Power Consumption

With the exception of the Vertex 4, Agility 4, and Neutron GTX, the SandForce-based drives use more power than their competition when they're active.

Again, though, Intel cuts the SSD 335's power use compared to the SSD 330 and 520, keeping it at about 1 W during PCMark 7's Storage suite. At the 240 GB capacity point, Samsung's drivers are the only ones that do better.

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