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Benchmark Results: Multimedia

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS: Lucid Lynx Benchmarked And Reviewed


We used the 64-bit version of Handbrake 0.9.3 CLI (Command Line Interface). We went with 0.9.3 instead of the current 0.9.4 because the newest version was never packaged for Ubuntu 8.10 and older. Fortunately, the 0.9.3 .deb, originally packaged for Hardy, works just fine on Lucid.

Ubuntu 10.04 smashes 8.04 in the HandBrake benchmark, finishing over a full minute before the older LTS.


We used Lame version 3.98.2 and a 542.1MB .wav test file, which we encoded to MP3 at 160 kbps.

Lucid actually finishes 16 seconds behind Hardy on this one.


We used POV-Ray version 3.6 and the 1.02 benchmark for our POV-Ray test.

The newer LTS once again beats its elder, this time by a good seven minutes.


We went with the non-official Blender benchmark version 0.2 and Blender version 2.49b.

The Lynx performs slower than the Heron again, but this time by a slim 10 seconds.

RAW Therapee

We used 10 ultra-high resolution RAW image files of various file extensions from an assortment of digital cameras as our test files in this benchmark, the combined size of which is 128.8MB. We applied the crisp post-processing profile to our test images, and used the HPHD method as our demosaicing algorithm.

Two different tests were run using Raw Therapee. In the first test, we set the output file type as 8-bit JPG, which took our test files down to around 78MB. In the second test, the output was set to 16-bit PNG. This inflated the files to over 473MB.

In both cases, a stopwatch was used to time how long it took Raw Therapee to process the 10 test images. We ran each test for five iterations, removed the longest and shortest values, then averaged the remaining three to arrive at our final time.

In both the PNG and the JPG tests, Ubuntu 10.04 beats Hardy Heron by mere seconds.

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