Tom's Guide: 14 Free CD & DVD Burning Apps

CDs are no where near as popular as they used to be. Still, just because you're more inclined to make a new playlist instead of burning a CD of your favorite songs, that doesn't mean the CD or the act of burning content onto this specific media is dead and gone. Tom's Guide have put together a list of apps for burning data to CDs and DVDs, whether you want to make a disk full of photos, video, or other media, you should check out '14 Free CD & DVD Burning Apps.'

You don't have to burn money to acquire optical disc burning software. Even if your disc burner doesn't come with an OEM software package for burning data and music CDs or authoring your own video DVDs, there is a wealth of programs out there that allow you to create your own data and musicdiscs, burn from or create image files, and author your own video DVDs.

14 Free CD & DVD Burning Apps

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