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Software and Accessories

790i Ultra SLI Motherboards Compared

As with the motherboard and BIOS, we’ve omitted the photos of the 790i Ultra SLI mystery motherboard accessory kit to honor its manufacturer’s request. But we’ll still show the list just in case the product is released. (We can always update this article with photos later if the board is re-announced.)

Even though the mystery board is targeted at extreme enthusiasts who typically prefer BIOS overclocking, it still includes a Windows overclocking utility. The first page shows key clock speeds, voltage and temperature levels, and fan speeds.

Alarm settings can be changed for each of the previously noted readings.

The third page allows you to change the CPU core and VTT, DRAM, Chipset, and PLL voltage, plus CPU FSB and PCI Express clocks. We didn’t have much luck with the software, but it’s likely still in the beta stage.

Documentation & Software Motherboard Manual
Quick Installation Guide
Warranty Card
Case Badge Pack (Six Decals, One Sticker
Motherboard Driver CD
RAID driver floppy (Intel + Jmicron)
Branded Collector’s "Dog Tags"
Hardware 10x Plastic Cable Ties
1x Optional Chipset Cooling Extension Sink
1x 50x15 mm Chipset Cooling Fan
1x 50 mm Fan Grille
1x Fan Installation Kit
1x 120x25 mm Blue LED System Fan
1x I/O Panel Shield
1x Chipset Cooler Replacement Seal
1x Chipset Cooler Replacement Hardware
1x Clear Plastic Bench Testing Tray
1x Standoff Kit for Bench Testing Tray
1x 3-Way SLI Bridge
1x 2-way SLI Bridge
6x SATA Data Cable
1x 80-conductor Ultra ATA cable, Round
1x Floppy Cable, Round
6x 4-pin to SATA power adapter
1x Port Breakout Plate (2x USB, 1x IEEE-1394)

If you weren’t impressed with the hardware, you’d certainly be impressed with the swag — if only we could show it to you!

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