DVD Burner Test: Seven Times The Capacity

Sony DRU-120A

Sony DRU-120A
Read speed, CD 32x
Read speed, DVD 8x
Write speed, CD-R 12x
Write speed, CD-RW 10x
Write speed, DVD-R 2.4x
Write speed, DVD-RW 2.4x
Avg. access time, CD 120 ms
Avg access time, DVD 140 ms
Memory cache 2 MB
Firmware version 1.26

Like the rest of the DVD+RW family, the Sony DRU-120A is the successor to a model that could only burn DVD+RW (the Sony DRU-110A). Like its mates, this burner can record DVD+R and +RW at 2.4x. The front panel design is identical (apart from the logos) to that of the Ricoh. Sony uses a Ricoh mechanical basis, though its firmware versions are different.

Software Package

As with its CD-RW burners, Sony includes the B's, Recorder Gold and CliP software in its package. Unlike its rivals, it innovates by adding Retrospect Express backup software. It has PowerDVD for DVD play, along with the excellent Neo DVD (see Ricoh MP-5125A, above) and MusicMatch Jukebox.

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