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Benchmark Results: Crysis And Just Cause 2

System Builder Marathon, Dec. 2011: $1200 Enthusiast PC

This is the last time we’ll be benchmarking the original Crysis in a System Builder Marathon; it’s time to put that old benchmark out to pasture. But we’ll compare it anyway, seeing as how we have data from the previous system.

The FX-6100 causes a major bottleneck, and we can’t help but wonder why this old (but demanding) game runs so poorly on AMD’s FX chip. The dual-Radeon HD 6950 configuration can only manage a meaningless 1.1 frame per second win at 2560x1600 when it's overclocked using very high settings, suggesting that this test isn't as constrained by graphics performance as most enthusiasts assume. 

Just Cause 2 is also extremely platform-bottlenecked. The FX-6100 doesn’t perform nearly as well as Intel's CPU, although frame rates still manage to land above 40 across the board.

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