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X48 Motherboard Comparison, Part 2

Once again we have no clear winner in a motherboard comparison, as most models were good in at least one area. Gigabyte had the highest FSB overclocking stability; DFI provided the best CPU overclocking; Asus supported the highest memory speeds; and Intel had the best overall performance. So which motherboard would we buy? It really depends on how we planned to use it.

Two models stood out, and both used DDR2 rather than DDR3 memory. DFI and Gigabyte had the best onboard feature set, but while Gigabyte also had the most complete set of rear panel ports, DFI had the highest stable DDR2 memory speed. The Lanparty LT X48-T2R also pushed our Core 2 Duo E6850 the farthest, but higher achievable FSB for the X48-DQ6 speed might put it ahead if we’d used a different processor.

If we had our hearts set on DDR3 memory, the battle would be between Asus and Intel. The DX48BT2 had the best overall performance, and placed second only to the DDR2-equiped DFI X48-T2R in maximum CPU clock. The P5E3 Premium WiFi-AP @n Edition supported higher memory and bus speeds, and the actual performance difference between the two was negligible. The DX48BT2 is a few features short of direct competition with the P5E3 Premium, but it’s also around $100 cheaper. How much are a few extra onboard components worth to you?

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