Transparent OLED Screen; Yummy

The once hot display technology of OLED seems to have died down a little bit at this year’s CES. While there were still small instances of the OLED from the usual suspects, the trumpeting of the technology for common television viewing was absent.

In its place, however, were more interesting and alternative uses for the OLED. Sony showed a flexible OLED display that could be worked into things such as a folding laptop screen or a bracelet.

Another OLED use that caught our eye was the transparent AMOLED, which could prove one day be used for high-resolution, full color heads-up displays. See the image below for what we saw.

Will OLED eventually become just the main technology for our HDTVs and computer displays, or will it be for special use devices such as the one above? Discuss!

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  • Anonymous
    Oled... Transparent!
    The good is probably for store owners playing back commercials on their store windows.
    The bad is,you can't really use this technology on a laptop if you want some form of privacy...
    You could have a flexible plastic or intransparent silicon based flap on the back, foldable like a sunscreen on a window; but then you won't benefit over a regular screen which costs less.

    The good would probably be (I presume) if on the back one could install a mirror;directly on the screen, without glass subtract between.
    Then perhaps one can create some sort of solar reflective screen if possible.
    Works with regular TFT,so I hope some of this technology can be used to create those semi-reflective screens (no need for backlight).
  • afrobacon
    I can already see people attaching these to their windshield...
  • dyingcat
    Where do they put the circuits controlling the pixels?
    If they can make the panel really transparent, we can stack the panels and make a 3D display eh?