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Benchmark Results: Dungeons And Dragons Online

Build Your Own: Wall-Sized 3D Gaming, Just Like Theaters Do It

While not the best-reviewed massively multiplayer online (MMO) to hit the Internet, Dungeons and Dragons Online is a solid, quality product that has something no other major MMO can boast of: totally free play. We took Turbine's free MMO out for a spin in stereoscopic 3D to get a feel for the epic-sized environments. The game didn't disappoint and provided a richness that surprised us.

Game Settings:

We set the native projector resolution to 1280x720 and the game's visual detail settings to ultra-high details (DirectX 10 disabled) with 4x MSAA.

This is the only game other than Crysis where we have to leave a DirectX 10 option off. In Dungeons and Dragons Online, this option doesn't do much anyway, so we aren't disappointed by the visual results.

Game Experience Using the TriDef Ignition Driver:

Nothing to report, because the TriDef driver crashes when we try to use it. It gets us to a stereoscopic 3D version of the character selection screen, but then the game promptly craters. We should mention that other users on the TriDef forum have gotten the driver to work, so we guess that the problem lies with the method of 3D output. The dual-projector setup is one of the least-used methods of stereoscopic 3D, and therefore does not receive a great deal of testing compared to other output types.

Game Experience Using the iZ3D Driver:

While we have experienced some glitches with the iZ3D driver, we will say this: it works with every title we tried it with and Dungeons and Dragons Online is no exception. The only visual problem is the recurring sky texture issue, where each eye sees a very different view of the heavens. This was more distracting in some areas than others, but it never made the game unplayable. Another issue was that the mouse cursor was only rendered on one display, meaning that you could only see it with one eye. It was workable but not quite ideal. 

The only visual issue of note here is the sky texture. Each perspective seems to show a different version of the cloudsThe only visual issue of note here is the sky texture. Each perspective seems to show a different version of the clouds

Dungeons and Dragons Online 3D Stereo Performance:

The iZ3D driver gives us very good performance in this game, and favors the GeForce GTX 260 over the Radeon HD 4890. However, both deliver smooth playable frame rates, so we're quite happy with the result. The TriDef driver crashes so there is no performance to compare.

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