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Benchmark Results: PCMark Vantage

Core i7-2820QM: Sandy Bridge Shines In Notebooks

The Core i5-2500K tops the Overall chart, followed by the Core i7-2820QM.

Although Intel’s Core i7-2820QM has eleven bins of Turbo Boost available to it, a larger L3 cache, and Hyper-Threading, the i5-2500K has a faster base clock rate. Once you get into the Suite charts, you can see more of a story develop. In the Memories and Productivity Suites, the i5-2500K is simply powering through by virtue of its faster base clock. And because Vantage is well-threaded, the mobile processor isn't able to utilize all of its Turbo Boost headroom.

In the other Suites, the Core i7-2820QM closes the gap thanks mostly to Turbo Boost and Hyper-Threading. The Music Suite is more sensitive to multiple thread instances than clock speeds, which is why the Core i7-2820QM is able to take the lead.

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