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Supreme Commander 2

The Game Rundown: Finding CPU/GPU Bottlenecks, Part 2

Supreme Commander 2 is a very strange game if you look at the hardware utilization and test results. The title is fine with a single-core CPU, but frame rates increase slightly when increasing the number of cores or overclocking the CPU. Interestingly, graphics card utilization is highest with a single-core CPU and drops a bit when going multi-core, even though frame rates go up. The results can only be explained by Supreme Commander loading new 3D objects throughout the game. The data stream interruptions caused by this should be slightly less problematic when using a multi-core CPU.

Recommending any kind of upgrade is hard, since using a better graphics card would bring you very close to the game's 100 FPS limit. Several skirmish battles led us to the conclusion that heavy effects, such as nuclear explosions, would cause the game not to run smoothly, even with a strong multi-core CPU. The game will stutter even with powerful hardware. It certainly isn’t wrong to first upgrade to a multi-core CPU and then start thinking about graphics horsepower, but before upgrading, keep the game's already high frame rates in mind. Even though performance drops a bit during heavy battles, it remains smooth most of the time.

Also, the game doesn't use much graphics memory. Even with 8xAA and 1x6AF, just 475 MB is needed.

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