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P67 Motherboard Roundup: Nine $150-200 Boards

Foxconn uses the same Aptio UEFI as ECS and Biostar, yet all three versions have different menus. Of these, Foxconn and ECS are most similar, yet Foxconn’s is more restrictive.

Memory voltage appears to work, yet it’s the sole item found on the Fox Control Center menu page.

The P67A-S’ Advanced menu controls clock speeds, multipliers, and core voltage. We were unable to get CPU voltage changes to have the desired effect, Host Clock controls would not work in a predictable manner, “Non-Turbo” ratio is locked at the core’s original setting, and “Turbo” multipliers above 43x would revert to 43x under load.

Since memory voltage of the previously-described menu appears to work, we were happy to see that all memory ratios of the 21.33x were also available along with primary memory timings. Hardcore overclockers need not apply.

Searching through Foxconn’s P67A-S main menus brought us to the DIV-2S settings, also seen on the competing ECS board. Unfortunately, any changes we attempted were rejected.

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