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Results: Arma 3

System Builder Marathon Q2 2014: System Value Compared

Like Grid 2, Arma 3 appears to encounter some kind of non-graphics bottleneck at 1080p and lower resolutions.

I don't have enough experience testing this game with various hardware combinations to properly identify the limiting component. However, Paul put a fair effort into dissecting Arma's pain points and eventually determined that our Infantry Showcase test isn't hard enough on the CPU to represent some of the game's more demanding maps. However, the title is very platform-dependent. It's even possible to overclock your graphics card and see no improvement if you don't also tune your host processor. 

Given the scale of performance gains from overclocking, I’m guessing there's also a DRAM bottleneck affecting our systems in Arma 3. That's mostly because I wasn’t able to get much headroom out of my CPU, but still realized impressive gains.

As a result, this game looks like a prime candidate for my memory kit round-ups.

All three systems survive their targeted resolutions using the Ultra preset, though my $1600 configuration barely qualifies as smooth with a 33.8 FPS average in its 5760x1080 test.

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