Pixel-Churners: A round-up of Radeon 9700 PRO cards

Multimedia Bundle Software

The approach taken with the software is also somewhat confusing. Crucial includes the ATi MultiMedia Center v7.7.0.0 with the card. However, we were unable to get any picture from a DVD with this version and with Catalyst v2.03.

After installing the MMC, the desktop suddenly has a new quick-start bar that you can also deactivate, if you so desire.

Neither the manufacturers nor ATi offer updates for the MMC. The only update we found was a v7.0.0.1 on ATi's website. As expected, it didn't work together with the 9700 PRO. Perhaps this is the reason why Hercules, HIS and Gigabyte preferred to ship their cards with PowerDVD. This player software has no difficulties playing DVDs. Once we brought these problems to ATi's attention, they sent us a complete version of MultiMedia Center v7.7.8.0 that played DVDs flawlessly.

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