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Voltage Ramps, Continued

Updated: Tuning Cool'n'Quiet: Maximize Power And Performance

Phenom II X3 710

Core Northbridge Voltage
1.6 GHz0.925V
1.7 GHz0.95V
1.8 GHz0.975V
1.9 GHz1.0V
2.2 GHz1.025V
2.3 GHz1.05V
2.4 GHz1.075V
2.6 GHz1.1V
2.695 GHz*1.125V
2.885 GHz*1.175V
2.940 GHz1.2V
3.06 GHz1.25V

* Overclocked: HT and northbridge 7 x 245 MHz

Phenom II X4 945

Core and Northbridge Voltage
1 GHz0.9V
1.9 GHz0.925V
2.5 GHz0.95V
2.6 GHz0.975V
2.7 GHz1.0V
2.8 GHz1.025V
2.9 GHz1.05V
3 GHz1.1V
3.13 GHz*1.125V
3.25 GHz*1.15V
3.38 GHz*1.2V
3.5 GHz*1.25V

* Overclocked: HT and northbridge 7 x 250 MHz

Phenom II X4 955

Core and Northbridge Voltage
2.4 GHz0.9V
2.5 GHz0.925V
2.9 GHz1.025V
3 GHz1.075V
3.6 GHz1.225V

Please note that these are synchronous voltage settings for both the core and northbridge. Obviously, with the right motherboard, you'll be able to tweak these settings further by choosing slightly lower core voltages. From our experience with these processors, you can reduce them by about 0.25V.

When overclocking the HyperTransport bus, you'll need to boost the northbridge voltage. Our sample Phenom II X3 710 would only work at 7 x 245 MHz with a voltage setting of 1.025V (compared to 1.0V for 1.9 GHz when not overclocked). And at 4 x 245 MHz, it needed 1.0V (compared to 0.925V for 1.6 GHz when not overclocked). In effect, the K10Stat setting for the processor looks like this:

Phenom II X3 710

Core and Northbridge Voltage
3 GHz1.25V
2.327 GHz1.05V
1.715 GHz1.025V
980 MHz1.0V

If you want to be able to have low power consumption and overclock at the same time, Black Edition processors with unlocked multipliers are your best bet.

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