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More Tools

Windows In Your Pocket

HTML file with install data: You can see here how the imaging plug-in ghost is installed. Click to see a larger image.

Install folders for numerous other PE Builder plug-ins are pre-defined. In each such folder, you'll find an HTML file. Double-click each one to open it in your Web browser. There, you'll find information and instructions on how to add that program into PE Builder.

Warning: The more tools you add, the more storage space you'll need on the USB flash drive. The collection of items we've documented so far will fit on a 256 MB flash drive. If you've got a bigger device at your disposal, you can expand your portable rescue system. For example, you might also decide to include a data recovery tool, a disk partitioning tool and a software firewall.

Use your favorite search engine to look for "PE Builder plug-ins" to rummage around in hundreds of sites where additional plug-in information is indexed and described (our exploratory search on Google turned up over 74,000 hits; everything on the first few results pages looked pretty useful and interesting). Of these, Svenska's XpPe Boot CD site ( looks like a great place to start hunting down plug-ins and information about how to use them.

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