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Android - Page 35


Google’s Android operating system powers everything from Smartphones to Tablets to Netbooks. Tom’s Hardware is dedicated to getting all of the latest devices, testing them, and passing along our impressions to make you a more informed shopper.

news - OCTOBER 4 13

This new smartphone is a refreshed model of HTC One S.

news - OCTOBER 4 9

We check out LG's next flagship device.

news - OCTOBER 4 23

Latest rumors say a smaller Galaxy S III is on the horizon.

news - OCTOBER 3 11

Google has patented a smart watch with two flip-up screens, a touchpad, wireless connectivity and possible augmented reality features.

news - OCTOBER 3 16

Google's mobile platform claims 52.6 percent of market.

news - OCTOBER 3 10

No reason given for withdrawal of entire second ITC complaint.

news - OCTOBER 3 40

Latest Android version Jelly Bean owns just a 1.8 percent share.

news - OCTOBER 3 23

More storage and longer lasting battery life in the refreshed version of HTC's flagship smartphone.

news - OCTOBER 2 38

Case will go to trial in 2014.

news - OCTOBER 2 39

Have you ever wondered how much the continues charging of your smartphone costs?

reviews - OCTOBER 2 27

Last week we broke the story of RoboHornet, a new Web browser performance benchmark. Today, we chronicle the fallout of what is perhaps the worst-received benchmark launch in history, plus add the results of...

news - OCTOBER 2 16

Samsung gets another chance in the courtroom.

news - OCTOBER 2 21

Impressive pixel density of 443ppi achieved with new screen.

news - OCTOBER 2 25

Wikipad's CEO says the tablet's 10.1-inch size justifies its price.

news - OCTOBER 2 5

The Acer CloudMobile is finally available to purchase.

news - OCTOBER 2 35

Apple loses considerable percentage of market due to emergence of cheaper tablets.

news - OCTOBER 2 30

A major security flaw that causes all of the data stored on an Android smartphone to be erased has been discovered and samsung devices seem to be the target.

news - OCTOBER 1 17

Samsung is kicking off October in style.

news - SEPTEMBER 29 10

O2 to sell HTC One X+ in the United Kingdom.

news - SEPTEMBER 29 10

Asus is denying that it's working on a 7-inch "entry level" Nexus tablet.

news - SEPTEMBER 28 12

Samsung will reveal a music-focused Android-based phone next month.

news - SEPTEMBER 28 10

AMD has launched AppZone, a place where you can download the new BlueStacks Android emulator and other desktop software ideal for your AMD-based GPU and APU.

news - SEPTEMBER 27 12

Huawei works on its own mobile operating system in case things don't work out with Google or Microsoft.

news - SEPTEMBER 27 15

Kickstarter's iMpulse controller attaches to your keys and beeps when you can't find them.

news - SEPTEMBER 27 18

Motorola's new Razr is back and better.

news - SEPTEMBER 27 42

Squaretrade squares off the iPhone 5 vs the Samsung Galaxy S III with a new drop test.