Not All USB 3.0 Implementations Are Created Equal

Benchmark Results: Bandwidth And Read/Write Testing

Our interface performance test reveals maximum throughput. Apparently, stand-alone cards provide best performance on systems with AMD’s 890FX/SB850 chipset, likely owing to the platform's full PCI Express 2.0 compliance. Our two Intel-powered solutions on the Gigabyte P55A motherboards support PCI Express 1.1 via the add-on slots and 2.0 connectivity if you decide to utilize one of the physical x16 slots. The integrated controller on the Gigabyte P55A-UD6 disappoints; the switched solution on the UD7 fares much better.

Here we see a different image. On parallel read and write operations, we saw best performance on the P55A-UD6 motherboard with the WD controller, followed by the integrated solution on the -UD7 and the Crosshair IV Formula by Asus. Plug-in controllers tend to be a bit slower.