Deals Sept 23: Dell 24" E2414H Monitor + $100 GC for $200

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  • didgetmaster
    Are these "Gift Cards" actually worth anything? Or are they so restrictive that they can only be used to buy goods from a single place for a short period of time with greatly inflated prices and outrageous shipping charges so that in the end you get about $8 worth of real stuff with a $100 card?
  • merlinq
    Either way, the price is now down to 180.99.
    And shipping is free... even to North Pole, AK... (where we normally pay 3 times lower-48 shipping for anything, unless shipping is free, then we pay [{free+$.01}*gramsweight*8]).
    gotta say I cannot complain about getting 3 matching 24" monitors for $242.97, and a nice ultrasharp for work for $87.99...

    I hate Dells prices for computers, but they have some sweet monitors, and usually offering a lower price than any resellers.
  • merlinq
    sorry, wrong math there, the ultrasharp would in fact be $387.99 (as the $100 cards were payed for).
    I was looking at the cost for a new work monitor, which would be partially refundable, and getting 3 monitors for my "home office" at that price.
    The 3 year warranty is really nice here as well, as they will comp shipping, which is a lot cheaper than driving 400 miles to return a product to the nearest retail center.