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Benchmark Results: Zap TCP

Wireless Networking: Nine 802.11n Routers Rounded Up

Ruckus’s Zap tests definitely keep things interesting. In the TCP 2.4 GHz range, we immediately see the Asus N13U leap into a third-best location 1 score, only to crash and burn in location 2. Linksys again sprints to victory, but only with Netgear’s WNDR3700 nipping closely at its heels. TRENDnet’s 761-BR puts in a decent performance, but ZyXEL strangely decides to coast along in this test, perhaps to chat with the nearby Belkin N150. Disappointingly, D-Link turns in the lowest performance of this group.

For everyone who questions if Zap is inherently slanted in Ruckus’s favor, this chart should set your doubts to rest. Linksys and Netgear both sail past Ruckus with its rock solid 60-something Mb/s dependability. That said, none of these four contenders look shabby.

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