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Results: Audio And Video

System Builder Marathon, Q2 2013: $650 Gaming PC

Audio And Video

Before we dig into how our graphics-heavy machine fares in the gaming environments it was designed for, let's have a look at how my shift in funding affects performance in media, productivity, and content creation apps.

The first two workloads we're looking at are single-threaded, so we don't see a huge performance hit. Last quarter's advantage comes from squeezing an extra 400 MHz out of the single-core Turbo Boost ratio, which Intel does not allow on its Core i3 processors.

As soon as we swap over to HandBrake and TotalCode Studio, however, the Core i3's two physical cores are overwhelmed by the Core i5's four. None of the results on this page are a surprise to us, of course. But we know what these numbers are going to do to our value rating at the end of the competition. All in the name of bringing you a mini-ITX-based System Builder Marathon, right?

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