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BI-500 Software, BIOS, And Accessories

Roundup: Six Core 2 Motherboards Under $100

In addition to drivers, the BI-500 includes Trend Micro Internet Security 2008 and, for those willing to browse the CD, Wasay Pro-Magic Plus system recovery and Image IT 3 hard drive imaging software.


The BI-500 supports extremely broad frequency and voltage changes, although users are required to do a little math to figure out the approximate results of a few. For example, increasing a 1.20 V CPU core by the motherboard’s limit will raise it to over 1.80 V. Be careful.

BIOS Frequency and Voltage settings (for overclocking)

FSB Frequency

Stock to 700 MHz (1 MHz)

Clock Multiplier Adjustment


DRAM Ratios

1.0, 1.2, 1.25, 1.5, 1.60, 1.67, 2.0

PCIe Clock

100 to 200 MHz (1 MHz)

CPU Vcore

-0.40 to +0.63 V (0.01 V)

CPU FSB Voltage

Stock to +120.99% (~1.91%)

Northbridge (MCH)

1.125 to 2.256 V (~0.018 V)

Southbridge (ICH)

1.50 to 3.031 V (~0.024 V)

DRAM Voltage

1.850 to +3.285 V (~0.026 V)


tCAS:3-10; tRCD: 3-10; tRP: 3-10; tRAS: 9-24

Likewise, Jetway opened up all available Intel memory ratios, rather than limiting buyers to 800, 1,066, or 1,200 MHz data rates like so many competitors do.

Jetway’s Miscellaneous Control menu provides all the basic overclock-related settings and a few advanced ones, such as amplitude and skew controls.

The BI-500 Advance Chipset Features menu offers the most commonly requested memory timing controls. Unlike its chief rival, Jetway allows individual settings to be automatically controlled.




Motherboard Manual

Motherboard Driver CD


1x 4-Pin to SATA Power Adapter

2x SATA Data Cable

1x I/O Panel Shield

1x I/O Panel Shield Label

Jetway limits its cable kit to two SATA data cables and a single four-pin to SATA power adapter. Buyers who would like to stay with Windows XP and add AHCI drivers during the installation must purchase their floppy cable separately.

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