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Motherboard Utilities

Roundup: The Best Overclocking Software

If you’re not interested in using an application like SetFSB, the major motherboard manufacturers usually offer overclocking software with their boards.


Asus includes a fairly expansive selection of software in its motherboard bundles. Perhaps the most notable application in its AI suite is the AI Booster application. This program lets you overclock from Windows, just like a great number of the other overclocking programs. One point worth noting is that you don’t need to look for the PLL type here, since the application only works with Asus motherboards. In addition to setting the FSB frequency, it can also change the CPU voltage (Vcore), and memory frequency. So, though more limited in scope, it’s actually quite a bit more functional than our generic choice.

Gigabyte, Too

EasyTune6 is a lot less fancy than the Asus software; its ergonomics were inspired by CPU-Z. It’s fairly complete though, letting you get information on your hardware, as well as allowing you to overclock the processor and finely control the frequencies and voltages of the components on the motherboard.

MSI Likes Pizazz

Whereas Gigabyte’s program comes in a fairly pedestrian package, MSI (like Asus) likes to spruce its software up—almost to a fault in this case. Dual Core Center, shipped with a number of the company’s motherboards, is a fairly flashy-looking program with its own approach to aesthetics. But like its competitors’ applications, it lets you overclock and set voltages. It’s as least a functional alternative to SetFSB.

Other manufacturers also offer overclocking software with their high-end motherboards—we’ve simply focused on the apps included by the largest vendors.

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