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Peripherals - Page 7


Peripherals are everything in your digital device except the processor, motherboard, and memory. Tom's Hardware has reviews and benchmarks for all manner of peripherals, from specialty gaming mice, to hard drives, to monitors and speakers.

news - NOVEMBER 24 4

Check out Tom's Guide's latest article on keyboard shortcuts!

news - NOVEMBER 23 20

Are you a righty or a lefty? It doesn't really matter.

news - NOVEMBER 22 16

Razer's highly-popular PC gaming mouse has received its first upgrade since its original debut in 2006.

news - NOVEMBER 22 21

Flexible display could be arriving next year.

news - NOVEMBER 22 18

Off to its final resting place.

news - NOVEMBER 21 18

This display features a 2-mm bezel, giving it a border-free appearance.

news - NOVEMBER 21 36

Pair have lengthy history in court battles.

news - NOVEMBER 14 23

Television will deliver over eight million pixels.

news - NOVEMBER 9 41

There's a rumor that Foxconn is looking to set up North American factories to focus on LCD TVs.

news - NOVEMBER 8 53

This monitor offers the most theater-like experience on your desktop yet.

news - NOVEMBER 5 37

Gefen has upgraded its HDMI range extender and now enables 1080p full HD with 3DTV pass-through to be transmitted over just one CAT5 cable instead of two. The range remains at 330 feet or 100m.

news - NOVEMBER 5 7

We check out Microsoft's Windows 8-ready Sculpt Touch Mouse and Sculpt Mobile Keyboard.

news - NOVEMBER 2 101

Linus Torvalds believes that it is time to leave antiquated screen resolutions behind.

picture story - NOVEMBER 1 29

Tom's Hardware was recently invited to an event in New York to preview Dell's line-up of Windows 8-based Inspiron and XPS families of notebooks, tablets, and accessories. From all-in-ones to convertibles, and...

news - OCTOBER 30 37

Tom's Hardware went Eyes On for the U.S. launch of LG's first Ultra High-definition 3D TV set, which combines LG Smart TV technology with a massive 84-inch display.

news - OCTOBER 27 7

DisplayLink products are now compatible with Windows 8.

news - OCTOBER 25 19

This keyboard features five components that can be rearranged to fit your PC gaming needs.

news - OCTOBER 24 8

Owners of Microsoft's Wedge Touch Mouse won't receive update.

news - OCTOBER 22 0

Start your week off right with these hot deals from LogicBUY.

news - OCTOBER 22 55

Your 1080p HD TV is being phased out.

news - OCTOBER 22 24

Many HP and Dell printers aren't compatible with Windows RT.

news - OCTOBER 21 16

Here's a way to control your smartphone without having to take it out of your pocket or purse.

news - OCTOBER 21 7

Here's a really portable keyboard that could literally fit in your pocket.

news - OCTOBER 19 11

Gigabyte has introduced a new Aivia gaming mouse and keyboard.

news - OCTOBER 18 2

Check out these hot deals that LogicBUY sent our way.

news - OCTOBER 18 11

Beer and technology, what a combination.