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Lighter Than Yours: Adata Unveils RAM Nearly Covered In RGB

Adata today announced its latest RGB / gaming RAM series, XPG Spectrix D60G. Light diffusers covering 60% of its surface area are the major design feature that separates these from other modules, such as Adata's value-conquering Spectrix D41.

While we often treat heat spreaders as mere ornamentation, the aluminum strip at the center of its “diamond cut” light diffusers likely do serve the purpose of getting what little heat these integrated circuits (ICs) possess past all that plastic. And proving that this little aluminum can do the job, Adata has even announced that the modules will be available at up to DDR4-4133 data rates.

The firm is only listing part numbers for DDR4-3000 to DDR4-3600, and the DDR4-3600 requires an extraordinary voltage to reach that mid-pack data rate. For comparison, its D41 required only 1.35V to obtain the same frequency and timings.


Model NumberData RateXMP TimingsCapacity
AX4U300038G16-DT60DDR4-300016-18-18 at 1.35V8GB (x2)
AX4U320038G16-DT60DDR4-320016-18-18 at 1.35V8GB (x2)
AX4U360038G17-DT60DDR4-360017-18-18 at 1.40V8GB (x2)

As with previous Adata XPG memory, we expect availability to be spotty until long after the new-product-excitement has died down, giving those who keep a persistent eye on Amazon a leg up on achieving the latest look ahead of their next meet. Compatibility with RGB software from ASRock, Asus, Gigabyte and MSI will help them achieve that look. Those who wish to control the memory separately are welcomed to use the XPG RGB Sync app, which you can learn more about in the reviews we linked to above.

Pricing and a release date is anyone’s guess, as the vendor has not yet disclosed this info. But those who eventually do find a set will be happy to know that Adata offers a lifetime limited replacement warranty.

Image credits: Adata

Thomas Soderstrom
Thomas Soderstrom is a Senior Staff Editor at Tom's Hardware US. He tests and reviews cases, cooling, memory and motherboards.