CyberPower Launches Core i7 Gaming Laptop

Running on Core i7 and an X58 chipset, along with Nvidia’s GTX 280M, the base configuration of the 17-inch behemoth includes 6 GB RAM, a 350 GB HDD (an SSD is going to cost you),  Firewire, HDMI, Bluetooth, 17-inch WUXGA (1920 X 1200) super clear glare screen display and a 3.1 mp webcam. There’s no word on how long the Li-Ion battery is going to last but we're guessing not very long. The press release also doesn't mention weight but by the looks of things, it's a pretty heavy. The base model will set you back $2335 and ships with Vista Home Premium.

Some of you may remember back in February, when Eurocom announced that it would launch the world’s first Core i7 laptop in the form of the D900F Phantom i7 workstation. Based on Intel’s Core i7 and X58 chipset, the D900F packs 8 GB of RAM and Nvidia’s G280 GPU. All told the thing weighs 11.9 pounds and has a one hour battery life. AVADirect also launched a Core i7 laptop based on the same OEM model that Eurocom used. That machine is priced at $2538.26.

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  • Upendra09
    That's one nice laptop,kudos to Cyberpower for pulling it off. Whoever, buys that laptop is one rich guy
  • dell2009xps
    No point. This system will overheat and shuts down. Don't bother with cyberpower. They are crap like their PCs. I prefer XPS if you are looking for gaming.
  • ispyamoose
    What a waste...
    You could build an absolutely outrageous desktop for $2,335.