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Benchmark Results: DirectX 11, Maximum Detail With Anti-Aliasing

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Performance Analysis

In our next set of benchmarks, we're turning on soft shadows, increasing anisotropic filtering to 16x, and turning on anti-aliasing. We’ll compare both FXAA and MLAA to find out what kind of performance hit each method causes.

In general, it looks like MLAA incurs a slight performance hit at low resolutions. But by 1680x1050, there is no notable difference between MLAA and the FXAA High setting. In fact, MLAA appears to be easier for the GeForce cards to handle at 1920x1080.

What’s really impressive here is that, of all of the cards tested, only the Radeon HD 6570 struggles to provide a minimum of 30 FPS above 1680x1050. All of the other cards handle these maximum settings without a problem at 1920x1080.

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