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Don't Change A Winning Team

The Ultimate Mouse Hunt

The bodies of the G5 and G7 mice are identical to that of the older MX 518/510. While reserved for right-handers, the shape is very well designed and will fit most hands. Only people who guide the mouse with their fingers will prefer a flatter shape like that of the Razer. Unfortunately, there's now only one additional button on the left instead of two, but it's still perfectly placed. The control buttons for resolution are located under the track wheel and take a little getting used to, since at first you tend to keep hitting the wheel instead.

The two main buttons are models of flexibility and precision. Logitech's attention to detail even includes the nylon pads. There are now three of them and they cover a very wide area, guaranteeing perfect smoothness.

Brass Tacks

It's hard to find any fault with these mice except that they're only for right-handers. The precision is exceptional in all circumstances, regardless of the application. That's even more true for photo retouching and above all for games. This is clearly the ultimate weapon for FPS games. The ability to change resolution on the fly, even without installing the driver, is a real plus. It's difficult to describe, but the feeling you get with these mice is exceptional. It's not the result of a single factor, but the integration of the best of everything. Whether it's the laser, the resolution, the shape, the pads, etc. matters little. The end result is what counts. The precision is absolute, the reactivity is perfect, the movement is fluid and the comfort with long-term use is exceptional. The only question is whether you can afford one.

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