Daily Deal: 25% off Dell UltraSharp 30'' and 27''

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  • amstech
    Meh. Still too expensive.
    2650 x 1600 is becoming more mainstream, if they had 2560 X 1600 LCD panels for $500-$800 that would have trouble staying on shelves.

    Maybe next year.
  • jfby
    Personally my 23 inch screen that rests about 24 inches from my face is more than enough, but I can conceed the 'more is better' attitude to a point; though for the more budge concious anything more than $200 is a luxury we can do without.
  • phate
    @amstech I agree, I've been sitting on my 22" monitor for like 4 years now, waiting for an affordable upgrade. So far no luck, the prices just skyrocket after 24"s.